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Re: USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250

Technically if you use  a docking station it is absolutely necessary to use a usb mouse ... so would love to hear the fix for this ? Especially if the user even touches the mouse it locks up completely forcing the user to hard reset the laptop... not a good user experience at all..

Re: USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250


I'm having the same issue. Has anyone found a solution for this?

Re: USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250

If you put the machine in UEFI mode (instead of legacy/BIOS mode), then this issue should go away.  However, this will require the machine to be re-imaged.

Re: USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250

Unfortunately, for companies with 300+ laptops this is not a viable option to re-image those machines. Hope McAfee can come up with a better solution. While I agree the mouse is not completely necessary, it should not be an issue. I've spent quite some time working with McAfee support on the hardware issue because it seems to be effecting some of our newer laptops and even keyboards are having issues being recognized.

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Re: USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250

With all the manufacturers moving to UEFI and away from BIOS, we seem to be seeing more and more bugs and incompatibilities in the legacy support - keyboard support in the BIOS worked almost flawlessly for 20 years but imagine now that UEFI gets created first then a BIOS wrapper is put on it for backwards compatibility.

There are many good reasons to switch to a UEFI world - the most obvious being that's what the manufacturers are actively working on.

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Re: USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250

With the release of the Intel Skylake chipset, USB 2.0 support has been ended the e7250 being one of these systems. In older versions MDE did not support USB 3.0 when running in Legacy BIOS mode. A change was made to MDE to support USB 3.0 for systems that do not have USB 2.0 support. Other fixes that are specific to the systems have also been identified and many of these changes are implemented by setting flags in using the Hardware Compatibility XML found in KB81900 and one such flag exists was added for the e7250 in v47 of the XML. Additionally, there are also fixes later revisions of the Dell BIOS that addresses other problems for this system.

To enable this the following must be performed:

  1. Upgrade the ePO extensions and client to MDE or 7.2.0
  2. Ensure the Hardware Compatibility XML is at least least version 47 which includes the flag for this system. This should be updated with the extension but newer versions are periodically released and attached to KB81900 to address issues with new systems. (I have updated the KB to reflect that the fix for the e7250 was added in v47. The update to the KB should be published in the next few days)
  3. Update the BIOS for the system
  4. Enable the option "Always enable Preboot USB support"
  5. Emergency boot the system to enforce the newer Hardware Compatibility XML (If it was originally activated with a lower revision of the Hardware Compatibility XML)

Re: USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250

We are a customer that manages about 500 systems with Drive Encryption. We have had increasing issues with the newer Dell model laptops (E5570 just to name one model) with the same "erratic" mouse behavior that makes it impossible to log in a user without a restart.  As a workaround I spent time on circulating directions to users on how to navigate Drive Encryption using only the keyboard and one of the directions I give them is "DO NOT move the mouse." This really is lame to hand out to a bunch of users with this laptop.

Anyways, I'm writing in this thread to keep it alive, because I know we are not the only customer that has pre-boot mouse issues like this. I've already spoken with several more customers are increasingly frustrated by mouse issues in the pre-boot environment. I'm going to do some more research on Mcafee's site specifically on the E5570, but last I was troubleshooting it, updating the bios to the latest version and enabling Always enable Preboot USB support, caused different issues entirely!

Also, we cannot just reimage our entire companies Dell E5570 laptops to UEFI just for this one issue.

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