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Transfer of encrypted systems from ePO 4.5 to 4.6 and non transfer of ee users


Currently I have a W2003 x86 ePO 4.5.4HF1 server but in preparation for ePO 5 (and uefi), I've created a new 4.6.6 W2008 R2 x64 ePO server with 6.2.1. (extensions are v7.0 in the eval branch)

I planned on transferring all my systems to the new ePO sever eventually.

All our encrypted machines have individual users assigned to them (mgt decision), and also a few group admins assigned at our encrypted machine group level.

Originally I was going to upgrade all 6.1.1 to 6.2.1 on the 4.5 epo, but while 6.1.1 isn't supported in 4.6 (guess that means i can't amend any ee policies), i transferred it to 4.6 and it let me upgrade to 6.2.1. (neither is 8.7 p4 supported - but that upgraded to p5 fine)

I have discovered however that the eepc 6.1.1 client i transferred, doesn't transfer users over. This is going to be awkward, as I would need to transfer each system individually, wait for it to appear on the new server then asap assign the user/users again to the system.

I have thought of the scenario where a user switches off their machine before this happens, then goes home or off on business only to be confronted with "unknown user" when they try to logon.

Is there any way to export and pre-populate the users\machines into the new server at all?

(I have cloned the 4.5 server, done an in place upgrade to 4.6 and then exported all the policies, tags etc, to my new server- so I have an epo that is the same version as my new one)

Basically, I thought I'd ask if:

1) Anyone else has transferred encrypted machines to another server where individual users are assigned and how they have managed it.

2) If I should upgrade the clients to 6.2.1. on epo 4.5 first before transferring or epo 4.6?

or any other advice would be appreciated.



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