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Single Field Login


I am looking to see if its possible to have a single field login for the user on an endpoint encrypted laptop? At the moment we use single login that pushes it all the way through windows login without issue. I have been asked if we can seperate the logins so that the McAffee login would ideally be a pin number that was provided to the user and the windows login would be as usual. I have looked through the documentation i have to hand and also any info i can find on the web with no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Single Field Login

not without a significant custom development effort - EEPC expects the user to identify them, and then ask for the pin, password, smart card etc. It's established security to use two-factor authentication, and of course, pretty much every regulation involving audit requires users to uniquely identify themselves.

It would be easier with EEPC5, as that's a token led login, but still it would require your company to have some special code written just for them.

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