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Simplest Way to redeploy missing EE software or Agent

Hi guys - should be a nice simple one!

After running a Encryption report, there was a few machines (~5%) that do not have encryption active. On further investigation, some machines did not have EE Agent installed whilst others did not have the EE PC installed. What's the simplest way to get the missing software push down to these machine? I'm knocking up some instructions for the Helpdesk so the simplest solution is better! Assume the 2 options are:

  1. Modify Tasks on a Single System and create a new task to deploy the missing sofwtare(?)
  2. Repush the McAfee agent down which should inturn install the missing components(?)

I would prefer not doing the "Modify Tasks" option if possible as I would prefer for all machine to have the same standard client tasks etc.


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Re: Simplest Way to redeploy missing EE software or Agent

What version of Encryption are you running? (If it's you are in trouble)

More likely those 5% are failed installations

If you check them locally via registry you will probably see that all componets are there but for some reason they are not reporting back to McAfee ePO


Create a new tag base on verison of endpoint encryption pc and agent.  (basically make sure it's present)

Create a new task to uninstall agent and pc piece


Create a new task to install agent and pc piece


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