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Saving to Removable Media on a remote PC

My organization is deploying Encryption for Files and Folders 4.0 to encrypt removable media. The problem our users discovered is that they are not able to save to the media on a PC without the agent. They launch the MfeEERM.exe from the media to access the files. When they try to save the modified documents back to the drive using word or excel they recieve a path error. Our work around is to have them save the files to the desktop on the PC and with the MfeEERM software open copy the modified files back to the media. Is there a way for user to mount the drive without the agent installed on the PC so that word or excel can save directly to it? If not, is there a light distributable the users can install on their remote PCs to mount the drive so that applications can save to it?

I know SAN Disk has a installable agent to mount drives with their encryption and I am hoping mcafee has a solution comparable to this.

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Re: Saving to Removable Media on a remote PC

sorry no - the solution is designed to work without any admin rights (something you need if you want to install an agent which presents a real drive letter).

If you have install rights though, why not just install EEFF?

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Re: Saving to Removable Media on a remote PC

This is expected behavior.

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