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Rollback EEPC: 6.2.x to 6.1


for testing purposes we installed the extension for EEP 6.2 and are now going to Rollback to

What has been done so far:

Package for EEPC 6.2 was checked in for Systemtree "test" while remained in "Aktuell". After a couple of tests we decided to keep EEPC until we will update the ePO to 4.6 (still using 4.5.x). Due to the following KB-Article (this Case is true for us, due to other reasons we don´t go after these hotfixes) EEPC in Version 6.2 was unchecked but now there is no possibility to check in the packages for (of course they don´t need to the follwoing)

Of Course those Packages are still within the ePO but due to the process of unchecking 6.2 the possibility for encryption users disapeared and when trying to check in the old EEPC-Packages following error message occurs:


Opening the table shows there are only zero's for every column. Question is how to handle this one? I just don`t want to delete the table, regardless that this ePO Installation is our Test environment, expecially not without knowing about consequences and side effects.

Additional Info: We can still encrypt machines with but are now, after uninstalling/unchecking the packages for 6.2, unable to apply Users - the Button "Encryption Users" dows not exist anymore like there is no checked in package in the extension tree for Endpoint Encryption (except the help for Version which was prvided after unchecking 6.2). We could reinstall 6.2 without problems I guess but this can`t be the solution for us.

Thanks in advance

€: Problem solved with temporary renaming the Table (non-existent in our productive environment) but I would like to know about further dependencys. Maybe there is a technical whitepaper in which the changes wthin the Database are covered? Renaming DOES the trick but as you can imagine I am not quite happy without knowing what happens next oder what could be happening next.

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Re: Rollback EEPC: 6.2.x to 6.1

We are having the same issues and same setup like Test and Production but after deleting the Tables entry from the DB, Issues was fixed.

we did backup first then delete.

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Re: Rollback EEPC: 6.2.x to 6.1

I don't believe downgrade is supported for EEPC.

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