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Reset Password for User

I have a user who forgot their password. We do not have self recovery enabled yet. How do I recover or reset the password for the user. The help file had an explanation of what to do, but it didn't go into enough detail. I am very new to this product and can't seem to figure out what the next steps are. Here is what the help file says:

Performing the administrator (system and user) recovery on  the client computer

Use this task on the client computer, if the user's password or the logon  token have been lost, to recover the user or the system.

Before you begin

This task should be performed by the client user in the client computer.


  1. Restart  the client computer.
  2. Click  Options | Recovery.
  3. Select  the Recovery Type as Administrator Recovery and click OK. The Recovery dialog box  appears with the Client Code.
    Note: The client user should read  the Client Code and get the Response Code from the administrator who manages the  ePO.
  4. Enter  the Line 1 of the Response  Code in Line 1 field and click Enter.
  5. Enter  the Line 2 of the Response  Code in Line 2 field and click Enter.
    Note: Each line of the code is  checked when it is entered.
  6. Click  Finish.
My question is, where do I get the response code?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Reset Password for User

From your EEM or WebHelpdesk Recovery site.

Get McAfee support or learn how to use product in your lab.

Documentation is fairly clear on recovery procedures - Recovering Users and Machines in "Endpoint Encryption for PC Administration Guide"

on 10/14/10 1:05:49 PM EDT
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