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Report with one result not displayed correctly

Hey guys,

I'm using a report as a boolean graph, that shows me, if a particular user is assigned to a system. While the graph is always correct, if I click on one part of the graph, the table is not always displayed correctly.

If the result has more than one (e.g. two) entries, it is shown correctly as configured (two columns with system name and the user name)

If the result is only one, after clicking the graph, I have directly the view, like if I had already clicked a system in the table with the results (which I didn't yet). That's annoying, because I cannot see, which system it is ...

We use ePO 5.3.2 and DE 7.2.1

What can I do to see the system, which has this user assigned even the result is just one?

Best regards,


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Re: Report with one result not displayed correctly

Anyone an idea?

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