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Removing EEPC.......

Hi all.

I have a problem.

One of my test machines with EEPC 6 on, has accidently been tried to remotely install a operating system. This means that I'm not able to boot on HD, it tries to connect to a PXE server. Are there any way  to maybe boot on a cd and scratch the HD or ?

Thanks in advance

/ Mav

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Level 15

Re: Removing EEPC.......

Scratch HD? So you don't care what is on that HD? You can use EETech utility (BartPE or standalone) to remove encryption, or at least restore original MBR.

That should allow you to reinstall OS. There are also some other utilities to wipe disk, like Ghost gdisk.

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Level 21

Re: Removing EEPC.......

if you don't care about the data, just fixmbr it. A reformat won't help though (that does not touch the MBR).

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