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Recently encrypted laptop - "Unknown User" - DE 7.1.3


We are having a random issue to where when a laptop gets encrypted, and it's first reboot it does not allow the user to sign on and gives the error message "Unknown User" and the only way to boot to Windows is to perform a machine recovery (user recovery is grayed out). I've verified that the policy was successful with ALDU and the user is an authorized user to log on to the machine. This doesn't happen on every encrypted laptop, but just happens at random.

I've done some research but everything I've found points to a duplicate GUID to where the user had already been signing into McAfee DE. Has anyone else ran into this issue before?

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Re: Recently encrypted laptop - "Unknown User" - DE 7.1.3

It seems like McAfee agent is causing the issue when clients are communicating through VPN. Could you please try the following workaround given in this KBs ?

KB52949 KB52949

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