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Query for "Uninitialized" SSO Accounts

How can an adminsitrator use ePO to query for uninitialized user accounts in the environment? Accounts that have logged into Windows, initialized with Endpoint Encryption, but never rebooted to preboot to sucessfully establish their SSO account. (So accounts still at a blank preboot password or at their self-created temp password.)

I am assuming there is no way to prevent "uninitialized" accounts completely, so only SSO is allowed.

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Re: Query for "Uninitialized" SSO Accounts

"Gold Support" McAfee rep stated that neither of these options are possible. There is no option for forcing an account to sync nor a means for administrators to query their environment for those uninitialized accounts.

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Re: Query for "Uninitialized" SSO Accounts


I would suggest the query DE: Systems with uninitialized users...and the policy setting expire uninitialized users after X.



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