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Pulse Secure Credential Provider

We are trying to use the Pulse Secure Credential provider on our machines with MDE 7.1.  Since MDE does not support CP chaining, the user is never presented with the Pulse Secure tile on the login screen The only option appears to be to modify the EpePcCP.ini file to 'not filter' this CP.       


;Allow Pulse Secure CP

Once this entry is in the user is presented with the Pulse Secure tile on the login screen.

Has anyone else had to 'not filter' a CP?

What is the potential impact of adding this CP to EpePcCP.ini?

What is the best way to deploy this change (there does not appear to be a EPO native policy/way of updating the EpePcCP.ini file)

Any feedback and/or experience with MDE & CPs is appreciated.

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Re: Pulse Secure Credential Provider

I have a similar problem...

No idea, what's the best way to deploy modifications to EpePcCP.ini?

I would like to solve my issue as described here:, but manualy editing the EpePcCP.ini of about 3'000 clients seems to be the wrong way.

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