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Proper upgrade path from ePO 4.6 to ePO 5.1 with EEPC 6

What is the proper upgrade path?  So far, from my reading, it appears to be a nightmare getting encrypted hosts moved to the new version.

Historically we have always setup a fresh install of major version changes (e.g. 3.x to 4.x).  After the new server is configured and running, we force an agent install which effectively migrates the hosts to the new server.  We run both in parallel until the bulk of the hosts have been moved over.  Then we notify the departments who have stragglers so they can send tech support out to get them migrated.

Now, with EEPC and EEFF this appears to be orders of magnitude more complicated.  Reading the install docs isn't helpful at all.  Encryption isn't even mentioned in them.

We're prefer not to upgrade our existing server, because it's running Windows Server 2008.  But it looks like an in-place upgrade is the only way to prevent massive user disruption from forced password changes.  That process will no doubt generate multiple support calls which will have our support staff in an uproar.

So is there a seamless (or at least not overly painful) way to do this?

Our perferred method would be to setup a new server running Windows Server 2012, install 5.1 there and then somehow migrate hosts (as we've done historically), but that doesn't appear to be possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 9

Re: Proper upgrade path from ePO 4.6 to ePO 5.1 with EEPC 6

I just found this - - so I guess we're now looking at a massive new project.  {{{sigh}}}

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