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Problem while installing EEPC 7.x

I recently decrypted safeboot from a system and tried to install EEPC 7.x , after installation of EEPC when I check the status of encryptionn it shows waiting for information, no volume  .

I have added the USERS to the system, I even tried reinstalling mcafee agent. but nothing is working..

laptop model: Lenovo L420

eepc agent 7.0.296

eepc version 7.x

Can anyone please help me out in this

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Re: Problem while installing EEPC 7.x

Moved to encryption group - have you looked in the EEPC Logs - most likely it's reporting the issue there.

Maybe start by telling us exactly what you installed and the versions - McAfee Agent? EEPC? EPO etc?

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