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Pre-boot Login Issues

Hi all,

Very weird question here!

Running EEPC 6.1.1, ePO 4.6, Win 7 enterprise SP1, Dell 6230? 4310, 4300 laptops!

Our EEPC syncs with our AD, have set the users to require a token card for logon, the admins don't need one.

The issue is that the some of the users work fine, some don't (still unable to fund the correlation), all BIOS's have been upgraded. If an Admin tries to log on, some admins get the pop-up saying pls insert your card, other admins work just fine and that request for card is bypassed as per the policy. I have cloned one working admin account in AD, changed the name but when I tested it too required me to input my card!

I feel it's very random with who gets what errors, always the same errors for the user tho.

Any ideas? Thanks all!

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Re: Pre-boot Login Issues


Could you please explain how you have configured your admin users ?

I'm guessing you have a User Based Policy (UBP) for password only and have created a policy assignment rule for the admin users ?

If so, did you remember to configure the admin users for 'Configure UBP enforcement' to enabled ?


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