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Policy is not Encrypting All Drivers

Hello everyone,

I have a very strange issue regarding EEPC.

I have changed EEPC default policy in Policy catalog to encrypt All Drives.

Than I have enforced policy on fresh HP pro book and it started encrypting but cannot understand one thing.

EEPC Agent shows the following: c:  encrypting, d: decrypting.

Can you help me? As I know, when all drives are encrypting we shoult see: c:  encrypting, d: encrypting

Is it correct, or not?

Thank you in advance

ePO 4.6

McAfee agent 4.5

EEPC Agent 6.1.3

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Level 9

Re: Policy is not Encrypting All Drivers

check policy inheritence.

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Re: Policy is not Encrypting All Drivers


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