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PIV PKI smart card - LRC failure


My company has an internal PIV smart card product and I've been trying to get it working with McAfee EEPC 6.0.2 pre-boot authentication.

When I enter my PIN a progress bar appears and a few seconds later an error message is shown: "EE080000 - LRC failure while communicating with smart card." Does anyone know what this means? I get a different error message if I use a card with no certificates, so I'm fairly confident EEPC is at least talking to the smart card in some way.

Is there a way to enable some kind of logging for thepre-boot environment? MfeEpe.log only seems to cover events that occur after Windows has booted.

I've added the user certificate to Active Directory, synchronized AD to EE in ePO, and sent a client wakeup. The user is assigned a user-based policy with Token type: PIV PKI. Looking in MfeEpe.log (per I can confirm the correct certificate has been sent to the ePO agent - I verified the subject key identifier.

For readers, I've tried using both an Omnikey 3121 and a GemPC USB-SL with the same result.


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