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Operating in the System32 folder of an HD Encrypted ?

Good afternoon,
In the company I work as a support analyst has a laptop that had blue screen. Following the description of the error I must delete the Bootcat.cache file is located in

% SystemRoot % \ system32 \ codeintegrity . ( Because it is corrupted )
My question is how can I delete this file, the HD encrypted allowing this to access a drive or file.
-Tentei Using Linux .
-Windows Father . ( I used Diskpart he sees the volume does not access more and says it does not exist) .
-Tentei Use the recovery tools available at F8 as safe mode , last known good configuration , boot correction by the Windows 7 CD and nothing .
Remembering that I have the login authentication to access the equipment, the problem is that the blue screen does not allow this to me.
The decryption process of the company that provides this software takes around for almost three days to complete and as a collaborator need much of laptop wanted a faster solution .
Details of the tools :
System provided : Windows 7 Professional 64-bit .
Encryption software : Version Mcafee Drive Encryption

I have this tool , as the image.

I am conducting decryption , only it takes a long time , my goal is to know if you have a faster process to access the System32 folder and delete this file?


Please help me ?

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McAfee Employee

Re: Operating in the System32 folder of an HD Encrypted ?

Because the filesystem is encrypted, it cannot be accessed using most tools. In order to access the files, the encryption driver must be active and the key used to encrypt the disk loaded into the driver.

Using a WinPE disk created following the steps outlined in DETech User Guide (PD24871), after authorizing and authenticating, the filesystem of the disk can then be accessed.

The other method is to decrypt the disk using the DETech Stand Alone to decrypt the disk and then use any tool that you would normally utilize to correct the issue.

At this point being the machine is already in the process of decryption, I would suggest that it finish the decryption process using the stand alone disk and a WinPE DETech disk be created for any future issues.

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