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OPAL encrypted machine will not deactivate

I am working with McAfee support to resolve an issue where one of my encrypted laptops using EEPC with an OPAL drive will not deactivate even when the policy has been changed to deactivate the encryption. I am also getting an error on boot that says "Fatal Error: [0xEE000005] Failed to deserialize type". When i try to use the OPAL EETech standalone or WinPE (I am using WinPE 3.1) I cannot authenticate with Token so I use File and that does not work either and I get an error stating "Failed to unlock OPAL Drive". If I restart after getting that message the machine boots up into Windows and I can access all of the data while the Encryption Status remains "Encrypted" and will still not deactivate. I hope this is a case where the "Failed to unlock Opal Drive " error was incorrect and the drive was unlocked.

McAfee tech support had me send in a MER file for this client and the ePO Server as well. When they reviewed the MER files they came back stating that my dcredirect.xml file is wrong. I verified that file was incorrect and pointing to a previous version of ePO but I am hesitant to change this file on my ePO server just to correct one machine. Especially since I have 15,000+ machines and 800+ of those are encrypted and working just fine. My question is what are the risks involved in changing this file? Has anyone seen anything like this?

I am running:

ePO Server

McAfee Agent


Thanks is advance.

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Re: OPAL encrypted machine will not deactivate

I have still not been able to deactivate EEPC for OPAL on this machine and I have been escalated to Tier III at McAfee. This is a Dell E6330 with a Seagate ST320LT009-9WC142 HDD. The HDD firmware Dell shipped this system with was 1002DEMA but McAfee does not mention this version of firmware on their KB article. Tier III is hinting that this may be the issue is anyone else running EEPC 6.2 on a Seagate ST320LT009 with the 1002DEMA firmware?

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