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Notify when encryption is done

Here's the situation:  We have an ePO admin and we will have an Encryption Admin (Me)  The existing epo tree structure will prevail. And ePO admin will have full rights.

We have created an Encryption Admin role also but that won't allow rights to edit policies, but thats a different thread.

Policies will apply and tasks will occur - Encrypt, Decrypt, No PBA, Install EEPC.  I NEED a way to let admins know that a node (client pc) was moved from either lost & found or an assigend group....... to another group..   This way, my ePO admin can put it back in it's assigned group.

I have created a role called "Encryption USER", with limited rights.      I have also created an SMTP Email event to recognize the change.

Policy change Start and Complete EVENTs get emailed to me and the epo admin.

so, If a PC is moved        out of a group thats like 5 levels down already filed in my epo admins group and into my ENCRYPT group,

How does she know when the encryption is COMPLETE and it is READY  - AND/OR  WHERE does she know to put it back to?

Where does epo Admin know where ia took it from?  I know its a business process, well just have to work out.

Client Events?

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Re: Notify when encryption is done

I have set up Automated responses to notify me of these client events.  The problem is, they are not timely.  I guess sitting at the machine is the most effective practice.  The other problem I am having is the mails are not coming in accordance with the events.  I can have two events with a received UTC of 12:00PM and then another one at 12:01PM, but the mails come in reverse order.  I get the 12:01 event in email BEFORE the 12:00 event.  Strange, but I guess this answers my question.

It also notifies me and identifies a DECRYPT event the same as an ENCRYPT event, just naming it "CRYPT Complete".  Trivial, but I guess I can deal or work with that.


Rich S.

EDIT: Update:  I have spoken with McAfee support and this is a known issue.  It is supposed to be fixed in the next release.  Although I really dont think the technician understood me fully because although I was able to demonstrate the issue fully for him, he then suggested I submit as an ER.

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