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Not able to add a user to EEPC


Iam not able to add or remove a user authenticated to logon to the client throuhg pre-boot authentication. In ePO I can see the list of users but IAm not able to logon through those user accounts. However if Iam adding any user to "Group users" Iam able to login using using that user without any issue.

How to fix this or am I missing something here?


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Re: Not able to add a user to EEPC

Hello Lostindestiny.

First of all let me know you EEPC version, And please post screen shot of error message if any.

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Re: Not able to add a user to EEPC

A few thoughts...

  • Have any of the users logged on through EEPC?  If not, enter the initial password first (default is 12345)
  • Duplicate or very similar system names?
  • If you remove the user in ePO, are they added again using EE:ALDU functionality?
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Re: Not able to add a user to EEPC

We have a set of users that are allowed to login to all laptops at the EEPC preboot screen.  They are defined in ePO under the group users tab for those systems. 

Additionally we other users of the laptops being added by the EE:ALDUtag.  In order for those users to be able to login at the EEPC preboot screen we have to follow these steps:

1.  login as that user at the Windows screen. 

2.  wait until the MfeEpe log indicates that the user library has been updated for that specific username.  The line in the log looks something like this: 

userLib: user username(68CBB6F1A281914EA59FD59732016CC7) successfully added

After you see that entry in the log that user will be able to login at theEEPC screen.  I believe the time it takes to get the user added after logging in at Windows is related to the policy enforcement interval.

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