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No recovery keys found for this machine!

We are using ePO 4.6 with EEPC 6.1.2

While performing Administrator Recovery for some machine we are getting above error "No recovery keys found for this machine!"

Steps taken

1. client machine running with EEPC 6.1.2

2. user is not able to login getting error "EE0F000D" Tokane data is invalid

3. so tried to perform Administrator recovery so that can reset users password or can boot machine thourhg BOOT ONCE OPTION

4. Client Code /Challenge code accepted by ePO (see attached snap ePO_err1.jpg) not allowed to reset users password , only machine recvoery is selected

5. On clicking Next button it says "No recovery keys found for this machine!" (see snap ePO_err2.jpg)

PS: We are able to search machine in ePO also can export .xml file withou any issue but can not perform recovery.

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