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Need to wipe OS, reload Win 10 and deploy MDE through SCCM

I am trying to Re image encrypted Win 7 machine Via SCCM with WinPE image, however this process drops an exe file in the OS partition then restarts to launch the file. Unfortunately with encryption in place the WinPE file cannot be accessed from boot screen. Comes up with error no OS found.  We don't want and in place upgrade from 7 to 10.  We want a wipe and fresh install. Then install MDE.

Current Recommended Paths:

  1. Wipe machine then reimage via PXE boot. (We cannot support this due to Network limitations)
  2. Wipe Machine then Reimage with WinPE file from USB. (This Process works but we have have 40,000 Machines and this is not feasible)
  3. Decrypt Machine Then image Via SCCM. (Process work however leaves computers unprotected for period of Time and takes several hours to Decrypt.)
  4. PD24854 This method is what we want to do minus saving user data. (Do we have an updated way that is supported that can allow this process?)
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