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Need help EEPC using fingerprint!


The thing is i cofigured ePO to use Upek.

But i dont understant how do i register the fingerprint on the client computer do i need to use lenovo Security Solution for Lenovo computers ?

Maybe there is a guide for this problem ?

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Re: Need help EEPC using fingerprint!

More information:

This errror iam getting when i dont have lenovo fingerprint software installed


And this is what i get after installing lenovo fingerprint software:


And the lenovo fingerprint software that iam using is:


So can some one guide me what should i do ? because this thing is killing me for few weeks now..

I didnt find any information about the error codes..

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Re: Need help EEPC using fingerprint!

Let's start at the beginning.

1. What version of EEPC are you using?

2. Did you confirm that your fingerprint reader is a supported device?

Re: Need help EEPC using fingerprint!


2.No, where is the supported list ? i found some pages that said "x220 haves some issue using fingerprint but its fixed now" x220 is the model iam trying to test the fingerprint.

What i need to do on the client computer to enroll the finger print ? Iam almost sure that the server side is ok.

I dont understant if the lenovo software should be installed or not ? if yes then what version do i need ? and what software because there are few software for the fingerprint.

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Re: Need help EEPC using fingerprint!

Still waiting for help 😕

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