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Moving encrypted devices from one group to another

Seeking more advice - our professional services rep stated that there could be a loss of recovery information if we moved an encrypted machine from one group to another.  I trust this advice but so far we have had to do this twice in one week so I am looking for advice from the masses who have done this for a while. 

Why would the rep say that ? (I am not doubting him/her - it's just like going to a doctor and looking for a second opinion)

I see now that we will have many cases where we need to move a PC into a different group within the system tree and I am just seeking opinions on best practices based on experience.



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Level 21

Re: Moving encrypted devices from one group to another

Can't think of why there would be a problem within one EPO server - you can't move them between servers for many reasons, but between groups in EPO? No problems I can think of...

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Re: Moving encrypted devices from one group to another

With 6.0.2 you could move machines between groups and the key information would be retained. There is logic built-in now that checks for the machine key association on every sync. If ePO is ever missing the key for a system, it will copy it from the system on its next sync. EEPC v6.1 also allows you to use the "transfer system" feature of ePO to move systems between ePO servers - in fact, this may have been in v6.0.2 as well. It would be worth a check.

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