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Mousepad and video does not work on Preboot

We have HP Elite 1012 G1 tablets with McAfee version We use Preboot, and when users turn on their computers, they must always open the tablet screen to enter their username and password. Nothing is displayed on the monitor, via DisplayPort on the Thunderbolt Docks. The mousepad on the detachable keyboard does not work, but the keyboard itself works. We have updated the BIOS to 1.22, using the latest ASMedia driver, have Fast Boot off, Dock security to off. It seems to only affect the Elite X2s. We have some users with a different laptop using the same Thunderbolt dock, and the monitor displays the preboot screen just fine. Any suggestions?

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Re: Mousepad and video does not work on Preboot

Hi there,

I found this article McAfee Corporate KB - On-Screen Keyboard fails during preboot authentication on a Hewlett Packard El... about the HP Elite 1012 G1 model that says to disable Fast Boot, but you said this was already done. So next thing to check is if you have the latest Hardware Compatibility XML file checked in the ePO. Latest version is ver. 65. this is the KB McAfee Corporate KB - How to use the Hardware Compatibility Settings tool for Drive Encryption 7.1 P...

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