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Motherboard failure, recover Encrypted hard disk on another system


My computer's(64 bit) motherboard is not working. Hence I connected my hard disk to another system(32 bit). But while booting it opens only a black screen. If I boot using some other hard disk, my hard disk shows up as RAW in the Disk management. Can you please suggest a way to decrypt my drive.

There are discussions which suggest WinTech but it is not possible to get help from my IT department.  I know the username and passphrase but not the authorization/access code.

So is there any other way like installing new Endpoint encryption and use it to decrypt this old disk. Can I try to do a recovery using the WIn 7 installation or repair disk CD.

Thanks for your time.OS is Windows 7.

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Re: Motherboard failure, recover Encrypted hard disk on another system

There's nothing special about the motherboard regarding EEPC, but you can't move a Windows drive between computers - you won't have the right drivers installed. You need to plug your drive into the same kind of motherboards to boot windows.

Even if you decrypt it, it won't boot on a different motherboard, though you will be able to copy the data off if you slave the drive.

As for recovering the machine - since it belongs to your company, Even though you know the user name and password - you still need the access code, and only they can help you with that (since it's their machine).

No, it can't be recovered with a normal Windows CD - the drive is encrypted.

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