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Migrating EEPC encrypted systems to Windows 7 using with SCCM


Good Day!

Scenario: Migrating McAfee EEPC encryted XP 32bit systems to Windows 7 64bit using Zero Touch SCCM method along with user data(USMT Hardlink)

Issue: Access denied error when wiping/loading operating system

Preparation steps:

- Created new WinpE 64bit and Windows 7 64bit image updated with drivers and registry as mentioned part of the McAfee article

- Created an SCCM Task Sequence to refresh system to Win 7 64bit using USMT hardlink

Testing the task sequence on a non encrypted system working perfectly fine without any issues.

When testing the task sequence on a McAfee EEPC fully encrypted system, it starts throwing all sorts of access denied errors.

Issue 1: Wiping the disk to apply the operating system fails as the disk cannot be wiped due to access denied errors on Windows & Program Files folders

To work around this I created scripts and deployed the scripts to provide permissions on remaining folders but still it wont help in wiping the drive, so finally got around it by renaming the remaining folders and moved the folders to _SMSTaskSequence folder.

Issue 2: After passing the above issue of wiping disks the operating system deployment starts by applying the Windows 7 WIM image and encounters errors again

"WIM error:C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-d..lient-adm.resources_31bf3856 ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_en-us_936c40cbff4a0ef1. Permissions on the requested may be configured incorrectly."

Failed to run the last action: Apply Operating System. Execution of task sequence failed.

Access is denied. (Error: 80070005; Source: Windows)"

After investating, the EEPC Drivers which are added to the WinPE is stopping from modifying the hard drive, there is some thing missing part of the McAfee documentation.

Any ideas on how to get around this access denied issues?


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Re: Migrating EEPC encrypted systems to Windows 7 using with SCCM


I would check if the WInPE image contains the upper filter registry entries in the correct order, if the partmgr is before the mfeepepc entry you will see this.



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