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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with MDE 7.1 Keyboard Issue

We just upgraded our ePO to 5.1 without issue and went through all the tasks and such.  Can deploy MDE 7.1 without issue.  Wondering what the fix is for the keyboard to fully work.  Is this a Microsoft issue or a McAfee issue?  I can do lower case letters as well as numbers.  I can do uppercase with the caps lock engaged but the shift key will not work at pre-boot.  Works fine in Windows.  So I can't do special characters or caps with the shift key to quickly logon to the device.  Any thoughts?  Is this a support ticket?  On screen keyboard will allow me to get in as a workaround if needed.  Also noticing keyboard sometimes works and other times doesn't respond.

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Re: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with MDE 7.1 Keyboard Issue

Re: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with MDE 7.1 Keyboard Issue

Thanks for the quick answer.  Does that apply to all tablet vendors?  We are also looking at Panasonic Toughpad fz-g1 and those don't even function with the on-screen keyboard.  Assuming that is a Panasonic issue as well or could that be within the Preboot area?

Re: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with MDE 7.1 Keyboard Issue


The OEMs choose to implement or not the Absolute Pointer Protocol.

I have seen instances whereby the OEM decided only to implement the APP if their BIOS screen is called, others where they implement the protocol but do not bind it to the hardware and finally others choose simply not to implement it at all.

My best suggestion is that during the procurement process you ask the OEM to validate if they provide the protocol and if they are selective in the way they provide it, alternatively if you have access to the hardware you can run our tablet compatibility tool (available here) from a USB and from the hard drive itself, if it passes in both cases then the APP is provided.



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