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McAfee FRP preventing applications from opening

ePO version 5.1.0

McAfee Agent 4.8.0

McAfee DLP 9.3

McAfee FRP 4.3.0

Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Environment

Good Afternoon

We have recently deployed McAfee to a large number of machines and quite soon after that we started to get reports in from users that certain applications no longer started. After some investigation it turns out that the applications were all Virtual Applications and they did in fact start as the process was available in Task Manager however the application would not be visible until you terminate the process MfeFfCore.exe, which is FRP.

Additionally when trying to run VssToTfs.exe, which is part of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Upgrade, the application itself started fine, however when trying to browse for a file, it took at minimum 60 seconds for the browse window to open. Uninstalling FRP, or terminating the process resolved this issue.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? If it is affecting both standard and Virtual applications for us it must be affecting other users as well?

Thank you in advance.

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