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McAfee EEPC6 - Problem with boot disk encryption on Win 7 64bit


I want to ask you for a help with boot disk encryption via EEPC 6.1.3. In our organization we have deployed McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.1.3, which is managed through ePO 4.6. When I want to encrypt only boot disk, encryption does not start. All disk encryption works. What is interesting, when I choose encryption of all disks except boot disk, encryption starts with C:\ partition (which is boot partition with Windows) and continues with D:\. This problem is on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit PCs (maybe also on 32bit, but I did not try encrypt this one at this time), on Windows XP Professional 32bit boot disk encryption works fine. Bitlocker is turned off. Policy for Win XP and Win 7 is the same. This problem looks like that Endpoint Encryption Agent 1.1.3 cann't determine which disk is boot disk, or if is any boot disk present. Disks are basic. I tried to find any solution of this issue on McAfee KB, or on blogs, forums, Google, but without any success.

Please can anyone helps ?



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Re: McAfee EEPC6 - Problem with boot disk encryption on Win 7 64bit

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