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McAfee EEPC: Show assigned users per workstation

Is there a way to determine who is assigned to a particular system in ePO; I understand that if I navigate to Menu > Data Protection > Encryption Users, I can search for systems and then review the assigned users; however this is only going to tell me who is intended to be assigned to the system, it is not reading from the system itself.  I would like to find a way to determine when the assignment has reached the target system.

Also is there a way to determine the local assignments other than "Save Machine Info" from the EEPC Status window?

I ask since we deploy a high volume of systems and are required to hand them to the customer activated; the customer is handed a device and is immediatly challenged with the EEPC login.  We have created a utility that leverages the McAfee API to add users from the local system (thus mimicing the actions of adding from ePO, but saves the trouble of actually logging into ePO).

We need a way to determine if the assignment has reached the endpoint before deploying the device.

Thank you,

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