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Level 7

McAfee CleanBoot disk

Is it possible to use the McAfee CleanBoot disk to boot up an encrypted machine and  perforn a full to scan?

If yes - how to does one perform this task?

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Level 21

Re: McAfee CleanBoot disk

No, it's not possible to boot off a cleanboot CD and scan an encrypted drive.

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Level 13

Re: McAfee CleanBoot disk

If you create an EETech disk with BartPE and incorporate the command line scanner, then authenticate and authorise to decrypt on the fly, you shoild be able to scan the disk.

I would however be VERY careful when running on an encrypted drive as some rootkit removing tools may see the encrypted mbr as being infected and change it.

make sure you clone the disk or ghost on the fly before hand to take a copy of the data.

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