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Manually installing EEM mac encryption agent.

I am wanting to install Mac Encryption manually.  I have a policy on the server that by default says encrypt when the computer checks in, but rather than have to go into epo and run the encryption task I want to manually run the Mac encryption agent and encryption software on the system.  I run the file which seems to install it and prompt for reboot.  Upon reboot i do not get the encryption icon and encryption does not begin.  Is there any guidance on how to do this manually?

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Level 9

Re: Manually installing EEM mac encryption agent.

Ok I figured it out.  Here's how for anyone interested.

1.  On the EPo server browse to Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current

2. In the EEADMIN_1000MACX folder copy the MfeEeAgent.tar.bz2 to the mac and in the EEMAC folder copy the MfeEeMac.tar.bz2 to the mac.

3. Open each file you just copied and extract the contents.  The files you should now have are MfeEeAgent.pkg and MfeEeMac.pkg.

4.  Run each of the self installer pkg files on the mac.  first install the MfeEeAgent.pkg,  this is the encryption agent file.  next run the MfeEeMac.pkg, this is the encryption software package.  you may be prompted for reboot.

After reboot and a checkin to the server (you can run with the cmdagent file within the Mcafee CMA agent) the computer should start encrypting as long as you have a user assigned, hardware is supported in the EESupportedPlatformList.xml, and the policy it grabbed is set to encrypt.

You can now store the files on a server or thumb drive and use for installation to other macs

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