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Manual Installs

We're being asked to provide manual installers for Safeboot. We had an EPO consultant in a he set up EPO for us. There are areas to add machines to so they will get the agent, then it must be moved to another folder to get EE-AGENT, EEPC, and hotfixes. Then the agent must be woken up. Then we have to assign users to kick off the encryption, then we have to verify encryption starts before moving it to a final destination and applying tags.

This is all well and good for large deployments but we have a need to do lots of one off type installs. The process is taking too long. (especially with MACS)

Are there any recommendations on how to make a good scripted install ?  We're longing for the days of EEM where we could just kick off and installer, reboot, assign users and be done. Are we overcomplicating it ?



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Re: Manual Installs

I to owould be interested in a script to encrypt Macs, if that's what this refers to. So far all I've been able to do is manually run 2 packages. One for the agent and one for the product (EEMAC)

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