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Machines reporting EE in ePO as Inactive - Unknown

System Provider and State (System) are reporting as inactive and unknown in ePO. Some - very few System states report as inactive as opposed to unknown.  Yet on the client side all is well..  I have upgraded some systems from to and it seems that only a portion of them uploaded the new information.  I updated about 20 of 1150 nodes as a test and it seems only about 3 or 4 of them actually report accurate information.

NOTE: Some of these are machines that have not reported to ePO in a while  Only aboout a 30 day window or so, but should this render them inactive?  What if I need to produce a report on these systems?

Any idas?   I've queried the KB and most are about the CLIENT not reporting them correctly, in my case, the client reports OK and the drive(s) and partitionas are inded encrypted but ePO says no..  (

Any thoughts??

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