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I have a corporate laptop drive protected with MDE.  When I go home and on the weekends, I replace the drive with a personal one that runs linux for all my personal work.  I was wondering if I were to take my McAfee encrypted drive and put it in a USB case and make it external and leave the Linux drive in the laptop would I be able to dual boot linux and the Mcafee windows USB drive?  It's not a real a real big deal just help me eliminate a few steps and don't want to test it and find out that I somehow wiped out the boot sector on the corporate drive.  Thanks

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McAfee Employee jhall2
McAfee Employee
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The short answer is no. While MDE does have the ability to dual boot, the drive with MDE installed would need to be primary as the boot loader would need be initialized by MDE. This option itself must be enabled by your IT department and the Linux partition would need to be on a fixed drive not a USB. Lastly, while the MDE boot loader is available, there is no official support for this option.

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