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MDE 7.1 Schedule Weekly Recurring Autoboot?

For systems that do not support out of band actions, is there a way to automare or schedule recurring autoboot for specific times of day and specific days of the week, such as during scheduled update installations that require reboots?

I only see options for setting one time autoboot schedules with a fixed end date. 

We have systems that need Windows Updates overnight at least once a month (sometimes requiring more than one reboot to complete multiple roiunds of updates) and, if we have to set up autoboot manaually every time, it will be labor intensive and likey forgotten when needed.

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Re: MDE 7.1 Schedule Weekly Recurring Autoboot?

You could probably write a script to run the EpoTemporaryAutoboot.exe to specify a set number of autoboots as needed. If you download the EEPC media, this file is in the misc/admin tools folder.

on 2/18/14 1:48:32 PM CST
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