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Logging into Windows - Profile never loads

We have a weird issue in Windows. A newly imaged machine boots, we preboot login, Windows loads, we login to Windows and the background turns blue (not BSOD blue but windows backround blue), and thats it, it hangs there forever.

Any one else seen the same thing ?



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Re: Logging into Windows - Profile never loads

Long login times have been reported for one of 2 long did you wait before giving up and forcing a reboot?

1) a service which starts before the EEPC service blocks and has to be killed by Windows; once the offending service is killed, WIndows will start the EEPC service and normal "service" will resume. 

2) there is a .NET 4 update going on.  We have seen that this update, once applied, requires Windows to perform some local processing which appears to lock out some credential services.  When this has occurred, from memory it can take half an hour or so, but once the .net 4 local processing is completed, normal service will resume and the on reboot the login will be successfuly.

To identify if either of these 2 scenarios is happenning, please perform an emergency boot to reach Windows and then check the Windows Event log.  What you are looking for are either of the following.

a) Error: Code 7009,  "A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319_X86 service to connect."

b) Error: Code 7022.  "The service <name> hung on starting"

Alternatively, if neither of these events is indicated, please check to see whether the MfeEpeHost.exe is reported to have terminated unexpectedly.

Please post the results of the test, along with the MfeEpe.log.


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