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Lenovo Rescue and Recovery EEPC version 6.01

Hi all,

In the version 5.x there was a plugin available to manage Lenovo R&R. Is there something like that for EEPC, or is there someone who has experiance with this combanation.

If I install the Lenovo tools and I install EEPC the F11 functionallity is gone to restore the image.

Thanks for your help,


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Re: Lenovo Rescue and Recovery EEPC version 6.01


We are a Lenovo shop and leverage R&R. R&R to my knowledge has a hidden service partition which I believe is already encrypted(this may be an option, not certain) I would avoid encrypting this service partition as like you stated you can no longer use R&R. When I test on a WinXP system I may be able to shed more light on this topic. Currently I'm testing with Windows 7 32/64bit.  Thus far its working fairly well.


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