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LANDesk 9 and McAfee Endpoint Encryption (SafeBoot)

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Re: LANDesk 9 and McAfee Endpoint Encryption (SafeBoot)

I'm not a LANDesk user, we use SCCM here... And while I havent hit this problem (mainly due to EEPC not being deployed for the last year we've been licensed for it) i think i can see whats happening.

Basically I think what is happening here is the MBR is being re-written to boot from the new partition... The problem being that partition was created in Windows AFTER the EEPC driver is already working its magic to encrypt the disk.

So... that partition is actually encrypted & can't be booted by the MBR directly. Instead the MBR would need to boot to EEPC, then EEPC would have to boot the new LANDesk partition...

I suspect I would get a similar problem with SCCM OSD deployments on EEPC protected systems...

I think the only way around this would be for LANDesk (and SCCM) and McAfee EEPC to become more integrated & talk to each other... (or remove encryption first)

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