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Level 7

Key caching by EEFF 4.x

Hello Everyone...

Can someoneexplain me how key caching is used in EEFF version 4? EEFF version 3.x hasability to set how long encryption key are stored (cached) on local computers.There is no in version 4, or I have not found this option yet...

How can Imanage key caching using EEFF 4? I want to set key cache especially fornotebooks that travel out of our network with no option to connect to ePOServer to download encryption keys. Second reason is to reduce communicationpayloads to ePOServer.


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Level 12

Re: Key caching by EEFF 4.x

I have the same problems, any ideas? Thanks!

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Level 7

Re: Key caching by EEFF 4.x

Hi all,

any solution or advice for the above issue?

I need the key cache feature to be installed on travelling laptops yet not having the key perpetually in the machine.

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Level 11

Re: Key caching by EEFF 4.x

This feature is not currently available for the ePO managed EEFF 4.x, and is in consideration for a future release

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