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Issue with blank screen on Pre-Boot with Dell Latitude 3340

Has anyone else seen an issue with the Dell Latitude 3340 displaying a blank screen on Pre-Boot?

We have that issue on this laptop. McAfee gave us a hot fix which makes the DE version go to This is supposed to address this issue but the system still gets stuck at a blank screen right after the Dell Bios.

In the Bios secure boot is disabled, it is set to legacy mode and not uefi. Was told to make sure we have the latest Dell Bios, we are one behind so it is going to be updated shortly after the system is re-imaged. They recommended that we import a version 19 xml file for hardware compatibility settings. Look in my ePO server and it already shows we are running version 19.

Does anyone have any other suggestions that we can try or have experienced this same issue.

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Re: Issue with blank screen on Pre-Boot with Dell Latitude 3340

We are seeing the same issue on Precision 3510 laptops: blank screen with blinking cursor.

The only way we can fix this issue is to boot into EETech and perform a Fix MBR of Disk Encryption.  The PC boots reboots back into PBA, then to WIndows fine.  However, subsequent reboots will return us the same error (blank screen)

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