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Install EEMAC1.1 on MacBook Air EFI version 2.4


I have MacBook Air as follows and want to install EEMAC1.1.

MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2011)


MBA41.0077.B0F (EFI 2.4)

According to KB above, EEMAC1.1 supports EFI2.3, but seems not support EFI2.4.

Can I try install EEMAC1.1 to EFI2.4 machine ?

Anyway, I installed EEMAC1.1 to the MacBookAir4,1 EFI2.4.
EE System state became Active and drive was encrypted successfully.
MAC is running without problems.
on 12/04/18 23:15:30 CDT
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