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Import Existing Endpoint Encryption Database to EPO?

I have been tasked with getting EEPC version 7 up and running. We currently use version EEPC 5.2.12, have about 600 clients and I am not currently using EPO. I started to build a test server today and got EPO installed. I am going through the manual and there is nothing that speaks to importing an existing database. Is it possible to import all my preexisting clients and user accounts? Or do I have to start from scratch? I do know that I will need to bring the balance of my clients up to version 6 before going onto version 7. The primary reason for this is because a user purchased two laptops that have Windows 8 (which we don't support at this time).


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Re: Import Existing Endpoint Encryption Database to EPO?

Download the eepc7 migration guide from - it goes through all the steps you need to move your v5 machines to eepc7. You can import certain things but not much is strictly necessary. There's no need to move to 6 either - you can go direct from 5 to 7.

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