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How to determine polciy for USB encryption from the client in EEFF

Hello all. In EEFF 4.01 I can rt click the MA icon and bring up Manage features for > Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders. Under Simple policies I can look at "removable media encryption key". If it says the name of the one key we use I know it will encrypt optical media. If it says "decrypt" I know the logged-in user is exempt from optical media encryption. EEFF 4.1 also has a field to locally display the removable media encryption policy in the same manner but we are using 4.01 which McAfee says does not display that setting. We use "regular encryption" but NOT EERM as we only wish to encrypt new files. Product support says this is unusual.

My problem is I would like to give our help desk a way to determine the USB encryption policy for a logged in user without having to hunt through multiple groups to try to determine which EEFF policy appiles. But I don't know where this info is. I checked the registry and the app data folder with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

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