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Help with Drive Encryption

I have a question with Drive Encryption, which is what we use on all our corporate Laptops, however, I am seeing an issue whenever it is installed, although it shows in the log that all the user accounts have been logged on, the user is unable to login to the Laptop for the 1st time without doing a recovery, this is the same with an administrator account.

Can anyone advise if this is normal, or is there a default password like previous versions of Endpoint Encryption?

We are using EPO:5.1.0

Thanks in advance.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Help with Drive Encryption

There is a default password used for uninitialized tokens. Unless it is changed in the Drive Encryption Product Policy it is 12345. It is suggested that this be changed or the option to expire uninitialized tokens after x number of hours be utilized.

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Re: Help with Drive Encryption

Moved this to Encryption: ePO Managed, as a better spot for it.




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