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Help Needed with Scalability Research

Hello Community. Thank you all for using our product and being actively engaged in this community!

We test EEPC v6 in a scalability lab here at McAfee and those results are published in a document entitled ePO 4.6 Hardware Sizing and Bandwidth Usage Guide. This data is incredibly useful in helping us plan our deployments, but we need to augment this lab research with real-world data from your environments. The key metric for scalability considerations is the number of events generated by EEPC. Because every environment is different, the number of events generated in each environment is unique. So we need to gather some data and come up with an average or "typical" event creation pattern for EEPC. The only way that we can do this is with your help.

If you're willing to help with this project, here's what we'd like you to do:

#1 Go to the Endpoint Encryption dashboard and record how many systems have EEPC installed.

#2 Go to Queries & Reports and run the EE: ProductClient Events report? Record the total number of events reported. If you do any event purging for database cleanup, please describe that in your response. As a bonus, we'd like to get the actual export of this report as an excel file.

#3 Report the rough timeline of your deployment. When did you start the deployment and when did you complete and/or reach critical mass (we realize that you may never be 100% done)?

#4 What is your agent-to-server communication interval (ASCI) set to? 60 minutes is the default, but it is commonly changed in larger environments.

You can submit your data as replies to this post, or you can send them to me privately. I will report the full results to the community once we have crunched all the numbers. Thank you!

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