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Hard drives with McAfee encryption not bootable

Hi all,

I've had an issue at my workplace for a while now that I'd like to try and get some advice/feedback with. We use Dell laptops for workstations, primarily e6540's, e7220's and e7240's - these come with SSD drives.

We get instances where the users laptop will begin to no longer detect any bootable hard disks attached. If you go into BIOS and check what hard drives are available, the correct hard drive is detected and listed as attached. If you run the laptop diagnostics, the tests for the hard drive will pass successfully. If we boot to the NIC and simply reimage/wipe the laptop while keeping the same hard drive in use, the newly imaged laptop will work fine. These things combined with the frequency of this problem make me rather sure this is not an actual fault with the hardware/disk.

When trying to decrypt the drive with EEtech, this fails as no drive with McAfee encryption is detected as attached to the system. We are using drive encryption

I'd like to have something I can try other than just rebuilding the laptop and the user losing a lot of work/time (as well as my own ).

Could you please give me any ideas or suggestions for things to try, or what the root cause of the problem here may be? I am assuming its some corruption in the encryption that makes the drive unreadable, that is a guess. If you would like to know any extra info, let me know.

Thanks a lot all,


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McAfee Employee

Re: Hard drives with McAfee encryption not bootable

See the following tools:

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