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HP Pavillion DV6000 gets blank screen

Hello anyone knows why after install MEE on HP Pavillion DV6000 computers I get a blank screen?

Product Coverage Reports
VirusScan Enterprise 6699.0000
Host Intrusion Prevention
Endpoint Encryption for PC
Endpoint Encryption Agent

I have 3 computers with this issue, 3 are Win 7

OS Type:Windows 7,OS Platform:Workstation,OS Version:6.1,OS Service Pack VersionSmiley Frustratedervice Pack 1

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Level 12

Re: HP Pavillion DV6000 gets blank screen

Where is the blank screen occuring? 

Before the preboot? 

After install before rebooting?

After entering credentials at the PBA before Windows splash screen?

If the issue only occurs with the one machine type, are you running the latest version of the BIOS?  (a quick google search shows F.43 as the latest for dv6000)

Do you have any compatibility options enabled under your EEPC policy?

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